District 1 Rams
Established 1016 ADD
Play in District 1, Former California, Panem
League/Conference affiliations

Panem Football League (1016 ADD–present)

Team colors Gold, Blue, White
Owner Unknown
Chairman Unknown
General Manager Unknown
Head Coach Jeffrey Dadamer Fishing
Team history
  • District 1 Rams (1016 ADD–present)
Panem Bowl Championships (0)
Conference Championships (1)
Playoff Appearances (1)

PFL: 1018

Home fields

District 1 Arena (2016-present)

The District 1 Rams are a Panem Football team based in District 1. The Rams compete in the Panem Football League (PFL), as a member West division. The Rams franchise have not won a PFL Championship.

Franchise historyEdit

The District 1 Rams were founded in 1016 ADD by the mayor of District 1 to compete in the new Panem Football League. Their name, the Rams, comes from the nickname of the former NFL team of the California area, the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams joined the Panem Football League on June 17, 1016 ADD, and were assigned to the Western Conference. They would play two losing seasons without playoff appearances, two losing seasons of 2-14 and 6-10 respectively.

The team finally achieved success in 1018 ADD. Quarterback Jared Goff, a two-year qb, passed and ran his way to the league's Most Valuable Player award and helped the Rams achieve a 15–1 record. Unfortunately, they lost their first PFL Championship, a 10–16 loss to the District 2 Patriots on Feburary 6. The loss was provided by a controvosial call with 4 seconds left until overtime, where Jared Goff through an interception on a hail mary, which was returned for 6 points, ending the game.

Season-by-season recordsEdit

2-14 (1016-1017 ADD Season)

6-10 (1017-1018 ADD Season)

15-1 (1018-1019 ADD Season)

Notable playersEdit


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