District 1 Male (997th Hunger Games)
1Male997The boy as he appears in the Hunger Games.
Lawful Evil
Main Information
Gender Male
Age 18
District 1
Height 6'4"
Weight 218 lbs.
Build Big
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Light
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size 13
Piercings None
Tattoos None
Combat Info
Weapons Mace
Equipment  ???
Kills 3
Longest Underwater Breath Hold  ???
Average Run Speed  ???
Average Swim Speed  ???
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown
The District 1 Male was a powerful male tribute from District 1 in the 997th Annual Hunger Games.


Not much is known about this tribute's life before the games, other than he was reaped.

The GamesEdit

During the games, he allied with the careers, killing a lot of tributes in the bloodbath. After two of the careers, including their leader, were killed by Boris, the boy from 1 began to study his most dangerous opponent. This information came in handy when he engaged in combat with Boris on the final day, and due to his intelligence, was able to keep up with Boris.

After Boris took out his last ally, the boy fought Boris alone, managing to land a hefty strike on Boris with his mace. He managed to break Boris's sword and kick him to the ground, ready to win the games. Boris however surprised him by leaping up and charging weaponless. The boy attempted to knock Boris off his feet with a low sweep, but Boris hopped over it, dropkicking the boy to the ground.

In one last attempt, the boy attempted to reach for his dagger, but Boris was on top of him, and eventually beat him to death. Overall, he placed 2nd out of 24.