District 18
Former Independent District
Former Far East District
Destroyed District
Year Created Before the Drowning Games
Industry Botany
Mayor Nikolai Stravenksy
Number of Citizens 12,374 (before Dooming Flood)
Climate Cold (Summer)

Freezing (Winter, Fall, Spring)

Elevation 70 feet below sea level.
Victors None
Common Eye Color Formerly Blue
Common Hair Color Formerly Brown
Common Ethnicity Formerly Russian
District 18 was a district in Russia. It's now a destroyed district due to an event known as the Dooming Flood.


District 18 was the smallest of the Far East Districts, mostly due to it's cold summers and brutal winters. Citizens studied Botany in hopes of finding a tree that could change an area's climate.

The Dooming FloodEdit

Extremely High tides flooded the district one spring day. Many people drowned or died from hypothermia, thousands of buildings were damaged, and the district was gone. Those who survived fled to District 16, and the district became abandoned and a ruin.

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