District 17
Rebellion District
Far East District
Wealthy District
Year Created Before Drowning Games
Industry Futuristic Sciences
Mayor King of Far East Districts
Number of Citizens 14,391,212 People
Climate Warm (Spring, Summer)

Cold (Fall, Winter)

Elevation 3 Feet above sea level
Victors N/A
Common Eye Color Green
Common Hair Color Black
Common Ethnicity Japanese
District 17 is a Far East District governed by the King of the Far Eastern Districts. It's the larger of the 2 districts, being located near former Tokyo.


District 17 was founded sometime before the Drowning Games.

The PeopleEdit

Most people enjoy underwater activities. They normally have black hair and green eyes, and stand around average in height. They are some of the most beautiful people in Panem (along with districts 16 and 1), due to great dieting and flawless skin.

Typical Appearance of District 17 Females


They study futuristic sciences, such as technology the western districts never think of, and medical aids that can improve health and fight disease and grave wounds. Due to this, this district is by far the healthiest, and one of the most powerful in the world.


Being located on the coast of Diver's Bay, District 17 citizens enjoy swimming, freediving, scuba diving, spear fishing, and water sports. On land, they enjoy technology entertainment such as tv, video games, and others.