District 16
Rebellion District
Far East District
Wealthy District
Year Created Sometime before the Drowning Games
Industry Biological DNA
Mayor King of Far East Districts
Number of Citizens 8,284,973
Climate Hot (Summer)

Warm (Spring)

Cold (Fall, Winter)

Elevation 55 feet above sea level
Victors None
Common Eye Color Brown
Common Hair Color Brown
Common Ethnicity Korean
District 16 is a Far East District governed by the King of the Far Eastern Districts. It's the smaller of the 2 districts, being located near former Seoul.


District 16 was founded sometime before the Drowning Games.

The PeopleEdit

Like District 17, they have asian racial features. They stand around an inch taller than their Japanese counterparts, having brown eyes and hair. They are some of the most beautiful people in Panem (along with districts 16 and 1), due to underwater activites and flawless skin.

Common District 16 Appearance


Being Biological DNA, District 16 people are learning to make complex lifeforms very slowly. They are also working on cloning, and modifying human DNA. Successful tests include creating fatter livestock and modifying a female human's lungs to breathe oxygen on land and underwater.


Like District 17, District 16 enjoys many activites similiar to 17. Due to being located on the coast of Diver's Bay, District 16 citizens enjoy swimming, freediving, scuba diving, spear fishing, and water sports. On land, they enjoy District 17 imports and creating things from DNA.