Della Grace
Sided with NATO
Joined the Navy
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
Home Country Canada
Rank Seaman Recruit
Age 25
Eye Color Grey-Blue
Hair Color Auburn
Skin Color Pale
Race Caucasian
Height 5'6"
Weight 135 lbs.
Build Athletic
Equipment C7 Assault Rifle, P226 Pistol, Combat Knife
Final Info
Status KIA
Killed By Barents Sea
Cause of Death Drowning
Della Petunia Grace (Feburary 18th, 1998 - Janurary 16th, 2023) was a seaman recruit in the NATO Navy who served in the Battle of the Barents Sea.

Life Before World War 3Edit

Della was born in Ontario, Canada, to a middle class family. She was the eldest of 3, and often looked out for her siblings. She graduated from Unionville High School, and took college courses at the University of Toronto. She became engaged to a fellow college student shortly before World War 3. They planned on marrying in the summer of 2023, but after the nuclear attack on Los Angeles and the start of the war, they both volunteered to fight for NATO. 

Combat in World War 3Edit

Della joined the NATO Naval Forces, and trained for weeks in St. Johns, Canada. She graduated from boot camp and was assigned to the SS Polaris on Janurary 14th, 2023. She left the following day with the Canadian Fleet on route to Murmansk, Canada, to aid Finnish Troops fighting in Western Russia. On Janurary 16th, the Canadian Fleet encountered a UCA Convoy. A battle erupted, and Della fought along with her fellow sailors. She managed to kill 6 enemy soldiers, before she hid out in the control center with the remainder of the sailors on the Polaris. When Captain Briggs ordered that the Polaris be fired on due to UCA takeover of the ship, Della attempted to take cover below decks, a mistake that would cost her her life.


After the Polaris was blasted by the Cardinal, the ship sank beneath the icey waters of the Barents Sea. The lower decks began to flood, and Della was caught by the waters. She, along with 10 other NATO soldiers and around 8 UCA soldiers, drowned below decks. After the battle, her body was found floating on the surface, with no signs of damage at all. Her remains were sent home to Ontario, where she was buried in a memorial cemetery.


  • She was one of the first military casualties of World War 3.
  • She had 6 confirmed kills before her death.