De Leone Mercenaries
Private Faction
Elite Faction
Multiple Operations Faction
Year Created After the District 14 Massacre
District of Origination 14
Commanding Officer Mysterious Man
Number of Active Members 10,000+
Allies N/A
Enemies The Rebellion

The Capitol

"Loyalty and Payment are equal."
The De Leone Mercenaries (abbreviated as DLM) are a wide private army hired by a mysterious man. Formerly russian militants, these guys are dangerous and follow orders with dangerous obediance.



The common weapon used by the merc's. Sturdy and reliable, the main force of the Mercenaries wield these.


Used more so by lighter forces. Lightweight and fast firing, the AK-74u is dangerous in close quarters.


A dangerous heavy weapon, used by the strongest mercenaries. Has a massive drum mag and can output tons of damage, shredding infantry in seconds. One of the most dangerous weapons.

Makarov P64Edit

A pistol and sidearm of all the forces. Very sturdy and easy to whip out in a second. Waterproof as a bonus.

  • AK-47
  • AK-74u
  • RPK
  • Makarov P64


Assassination Attempt of Chiasa IzanamiEdit

3 assassins of Merc Team A infiltrated the rebel base, killing a soldier, doctor, and janitor to take their clothes and disguise as them. One went to lower decks to take out witnessess to the killings, while the other two went to the hopsital wing to eliminate Chiasa. The soldier esque spy attempted to shoot Chiasa, but Emilia entered the room, killing him and injuring the doctor spy. The doctor spy attempted to shoot Emilia, when Chiasa stabbed him in the back of the neck with a syringe. After 2 of the 3 assassins were killed, Emilia, Daves, and Chiasa attempted to find the 3rd man. They suspected two investigators as spies, but were mistaken when the final assassin tricked them, locking them in a flooding storage room.