Dawn Pyres

Dawn Pyres L

Dawn Pyres R

Tribute by Oneders
Basic Information
Gender Female
Age 16
District District Nine
Weapon Èpèe (fencing sword)
Status Alive
Main Strength Survival skills
Main Weakness Climbing
Alliance Corin Greer
Token Friendship band from Alice
Hunger Games
Games Participated The 702nd Hunger Games
Training Score N/A
Kills Harry Torres, Cliffe Holden, Lanni Binary, Amy Light, Justine Leonard
Ranking 1st out of 24
Original Page

Dawn Pyres is a tribute created by Aria. She was also the victor of the 702nd Hunger Games and a rebel currently on the run from President De Leone's men.



The 702nd Hunger GamesEdit

The Murder of President TyphoonEdit

Escaping President De LeoneEdit


District NineEdit

The WaterbornesEdit

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