The Southern Oceanic Districts of Corinth
The Borough
Government type
Authoritarian Democracy
Official languages
Non-denominational Christianity
National Anthem
Corinth's March 
Preceding states

The flag of Corinth

Corinth is a nation established after the catastrophic flood and subsequent World War which ended life on Earth as it had been. When sea levels began to quickly rise, the world's nations engaged in a devastating World War which ravaged the planet.

Corinth was originally founded as a nation with many small outposts scattered across the continent. It wasn't until 2 ADD, when some of Corinth's best scientists discovered Panem, that Corinth was converted to Districts. Panem's 13 Districts inspired Corinth's Districts I and II.

Corinth is composed of 2 Districts, one governing body, and other land that is currently unused. There is also some land that is occupied by the government and off limits to all non-government personnel.


The country is located in the southern portion of the world, in the area what used to be known as Oceania. It's on the former continent and country of Australia.

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