The Conflict Outside District 7 was a battle in the Waterborne Extinction Campaign. It is where the Cobalt Wolves made there first appearance in combat.


A month after the Shootout on Pike Island, mercenaries hired by Jon Hydromane were ordered to seek out and destroy any Waterbornes surviving the Waterborne Holocaust. After scouts spotted armed Waterbornes roaming near the fences of District 7, the Cobalt Wolves mobilized, and soon, a firefight occured in the deep woods.

The BattleEdit

The Cobalt Wolves were brutally effective, and there training have proven effective, as they mowed through the small squad of Waterbornes. The battle was lengthy due to the mass amounts of trees, but the Waterbornes were mostly killed off.


Proving their effectiveness, the Cobalt Wolves were sent on to find the hidden Waterborne bunker.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Known SurvivorsEdit