Lawful Evil Character
Member of the Capitol Marines
Born in District 2
Basic Statistics
Gender Male
District Born in 2, currently in 14.
Age 35
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Height 6'3¼ (191 cm.)
Weight 249 lbs. (112 kg.)
Build Large and Muscular
Final Info
Status Alive
Killed By N/A
Cause of Death N/A
"Butch is dumb muscle. But he's dangerous... I'd just stay away from him."
―Dr. Broun on Butch.[src]
Butch is a man hailing from District 2. He is apart of the Capitol Marines.

Early LifeEdit

Butch was born in District 2 to a military family. They trained him until he was old enough to go to a career academy. He trained there and failed to volunteer for a Hunger Games before age 18. To make up for it, he joined the peacekeepers and served for 15 years, before sailing to District 14 to join the Capitol Marines.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Butch is described as a balding man of around 35, who stands 11 inches taller than Helena. He is described as large and muscular and dangerous.


Expirienced FighterEdit

Training in combat from birth, Butch has at least 25 years of combat training under his belt. He's a very dangerous fighter, as he easily took down a cat-girl with enhanced abilities due to DNA mixing.


Butch is beefy and thus is a strong man. Feats of strength include wielding a large metal baton as a weapon and his ability to throw men 100 lbs. heavier than him across rooms.


Butch is very fast as well. He easily swings fast and moves quick.

Talented ShotEdit

Butch is an accurate shot, capable of hitting targets 400 meters away with a good rifle.

Feud with Helena and SavienEdit

Belle led two half human half muttations into the training facility named Helena and Savien. Helena, being rude, yelled at Belle asking if they were weak. Butch stepped in and answered yes, angering Helena. Butch then challenged the cat-girl to a fistfight. Butch severely outmatched Helena, and soon, had her knocked to the ground unconscious. He was about to kill her (unknown to anyone else) until Savien threw a poisoned needle at him. Belle threw her arm in front of it, injuring her severely. Butch then bull-rushed Savien, grabbing him a tight headlock and preparing to snap his neck. That is when Dr. Broun called Butch off. Butch angrily released Savien, before marching off with the medics who had come to assist the poisoned Belle.