Bridgett Waterborne
Chaotic Good Character
Member of the Waterborne Milita
Born in District 4
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District 4
Age 24
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Height 5'6
Weight 123 lbs.
Build Curvy
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By The Waters of the Gulf of Mexico
Cause of Death Drowning
"I could've survived that lightning strike."
―Bridgett after Christopher's death.[src]
Bridgett Waterborne is the elder sister of Amlyn Waterborne. She was constantly on the watch for her older sister and was very protective as well.

Early LifeEdit


A young Bridgett had trouble holding her breath, but she still swam like a champ!

Bridgett was born to her parents Ernest Waterborne and Santanna Waterborne. She was their fifth kid and one of the only ones to survive the Waterborne ritual. She was trained at a young age to hold her breath and swim with extreme efficiency. She was mediocre at best, and struggled with staying underwater longer than 1 minute.

Teenage YearsEdit


Unfortunately, Bridget couldn't hold her breath longer than a minute.

At age 16, Bridgett attempted to volunteer for the 692nd Hunger Games. Another female tribute however was instead picked to go into the games, which angered Bridgett. She attempted again in the 693rd and 694th Games, but each time a different female reached the stage once. Now too old to volunteer, 19 year old Bridgett changed her goals to care for her 12 year old sister, Amlyn, who was just now about to enter her first reaping.

Early TwentiesEdit

Bridgett was 24 at the time of the 700th Hunger Games, and was there when Christopher Waterborne was unfairly killed by the Capitol. She muttered that she'd survive being struck by lightning, but joined the Waterborne Uprising anyways, trying to calm down Amlyn who was afraid to kill.

It is unknown if Bridgett killed anyone during the Liberation of District 4, but she was just as enthuisastic about killing as the other milita members, which upset Amlyn. 


Bridgett was present during Operation Gulf Raid, and along with her sister were stationed in Light 2. After being shot down, Bridgett and Amlyn were the only survivors of the crash. However, when the helicopter began to fill up with water, Bridgett and Amlyn donned swim masks and desperately searched for an exit.

Amlyn found one and busted the glass. However, when escaping, Bridgett's hair became tangled in the helicopter. Unable to escape, Bridgett was kept alive only by Amlyn's constant surfacing and feeing of air. However, when sharks arrived, Bridgett knew she had to die, so she purposefully blew all her air out to force Amlyn to swim to shore. Without oxygen in her lungs, Bridgett drowned.

Bridgett's underwater corpse.