Blair Battittes
Blair as he appears in the 412th Hunger Games.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Light Brown
199 lbs.
4 (11 Male, 1 Male, 4 Female, Yuri Harris)
Killed By
Cause of Death
Stabbed himself through the stomach.
Appears In(s)
Mentioned In

Blair Battitties was the male tribute from District 2 in the 412th Hunger Games.

412th Hunger GamesEdit

Blair was a tribute in the 412th Hunger Games from District 2. He was reaped alongside with his district partner, Lily Nersi.

He was expected to win the games, and was ranked 1st for most likely in winning the games. He scored an 11 and had the odds of 3-1. During training, he also allied with the careers.

Blair managed to survive the bloodbath, using his sword to kill the boy from 11 during it. He and his fellow careers then proceeded to protect the cornucopia.

On the seventh day, the careers began to turn on each other. Blair watched as the 1 Female and 4 Male were killed in the carnage, before Blair himself killed the remaining careers, the 1 Male and the 4 Female. He found Lily hiding by herself, sparing her due to his secret interest in the girl.

By the eighth day, the games were down to four tributes. Blair didn't hear the cannon in his sleep and was unaware that Lily had abandoned him. When Blair woke up, he noticed Lily was missing. He quickly rushed out of the cornucopia, grabbing only his sword as he searched for her.

Blair found Lily, who was being drowned by Yuri Harris in a creek. He quickly rushed in, stabbing Yuri through the back with his sword, killing the boy off. Blair helped Lily from the water, kissing the girl, confessing his love to Lily.


However, their heartwarming moment was temporary. Knowing that only one of them could win. Blair quickly stabbed himself in the stomach, as he fell into Lily's arms. Blair wiped Lily's tears as he died, his last sight being of his love's beautiful face.

Overall, Blair placed 2nd out of 24, giving his own life up so Lily could win the games.


Blair was a big, strongly built tribute with dashing looks. He had light brown hair and brown eyes and looks that were pretty good for a dangerous career.


  • Blair is most famous for being the one who killed Yuri Harris the first time, the latter later on becoming a demon and major antagonist throughout two other games.

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