Battle of the Northern Arizona Holdout
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Conflict: War of the Waterbornes
Date: May 27 - May 28, 704 ADD
Place: Northern Arizona Stronghold
Outcome: Victory for the UWS
  • IEC
  • Cobalt Wolves
  • Hydromane Royal Guard
  • Commanders
  • John Waterborne
  • Celeste Waterborne
  • Michael Reye
  • Haggard Hydromane
  • Clarke Hydromane
  • Strength
  • 125 Waterbornes soldiers+125 Hired Mercenaries.
  • At dawn 500 SUSDF soldiers arrived as reinforcements.
  • 750 Cobalt Wolves
  • 250 Hydromane Soldiers
  • Casualties
  • 52 NASDF Soldiers
  • 58 Hired Mercenaries
  • 43 SUSDF Soldiers
  • Heavy:
  • 367 Cobalt Wolves
  • 166 Hydromane Soldiers
    War of the Waterbornes

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    The Battle of the Northern Arizona Holdout was an invasion of the War of the Waterbornes where the NASDF under John Waterborne and the SUSDF under Celeste Waterborne defended the Northern Arizona Stronghold from the Capitol allied Cobalt Wolves and the Hydromane Royal Guard.



    On the night of May 27, President De Leone was alerted of a Waterborne stronghold in northern Arizona that held vital supplies to the Waterborne cause. He called upon the Cobalt Wolves, a group of mercenaries hired by Jon Hydromane to eliminate the rival family.

    Showing extreme success in the Raid on District 5 and the Battle of the Everglades, De Leone called up the wolves to attack the Stronghold under the dark of night. The Wolves thought it would be an easy victory, but as soon as the battle began, they were in for a fight.

    The BattleEdit


    Cobalt Wolves fighting in the streets.

    The forces of the Capitol had to fight their way to the top of the mountain to each the stronghold, and were already fighting an uphill battle.

    Heavy machine gun fire rained down on the Capitol forces, firing tracer rounds and flares to alert the defenders of the enemy location. 

    Despite having night vision and the latest technologies of the Capitol, the forces found themselves losing to the primitive methods of the stronghold.

    The Capitol forces threw down smoke grenades to cover their advance, going inside buildings of the stronghold and fighting through the defenses inside them. Through the heavy fighting in the buildings and street, the Wolves began to push through, until the last of the defenders were stuck in a large building.

    Thinking they had won, the Capitol forces offered mercy if the Waterbornes surrended. No one answered, and thinking nothing of it, commander Haggard Hydromane ordered the building to be burnt down.

    As the sun rose however, a new army of soldier were revealed. They were none other than the Southern Utah Stronghold Defense Force, and with the reinforcements, the Capitol forces found themselves trapped between to enemies.

    Haggard ordered a retreat, and the surviving capitol soldires had to fight there way off the mountain. They retreated north, with the SUSDF and NASDF in hot pursuit.

    Immediate AftermathEdit

    While most of the attacking force had been killed in the battle, they retreated north to Dawson Creek, where another battle between the surviving Capitol forces and the two stronghold defense forces took place.

    Later AftermathEdit

    The battle was crucial to the Waterborne cause, as the stronghold doubled as a resource stockpile for the war. Had it been taken, the Western strongholds would've lacked the resources to fight, and would have made it much easier for the Capitol to takeout the eastern strongholds.

    Notable DeathsEdit

    Unified Waterborne StrongholdsEdit

    Independent Empire of the CapitolEdit

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