The Battle of the Barents Sea was the 1st battle of World War 3 between NATO and the United Communist Alliance.


On Janurary 15th, a fleet of battle cruisers from St. John's, Canada, was en route to Murmansk, Russia, to help Finnish troops take Western Russia from the UCA. On the evening of Janurary 16th, the Canadian Fleet encountered a UCA Fleet coming from Varandey, Russia, and the two engaged in a Naval Battle.

The BattleEdit

The ships began to fire at each other at approximately 7:22 PM, and already battle cruisers were sinking. Landing craft from the UCA began to board some of the Canadian ships, with mass casualties fighting on the decks of said cruisers. Captain Briggs, captain of the SS Polaris, ordered the Canadian Flagship, The Cardinal, to fire on the Polaris so the UCA wouldn't overtake it and use it against the Canadian Fleet. Admiral Shemp obliged, and sunk his own ship, killing both UCA and NATO sailors on it. 

At around 7:39, Russian Pilot Aaron Grey managed to destroy the Canadian Flagship. Without a stable command bridge and with Admiral Shemp dead, the survivors fled back to Iceland, defeated.


It was a great victory for the United Communnist Alliance, however, for NATO, it was a devastating loss, and ended up causing the Russian Convoy to get closer to their target, the United Kingdom.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Della Grace: Drowned in the lower decks of the Polaris when it sank underwater. 

Admiral Shemp: Died when the control center of the Cardinal was blown up.

Known SurvivorsEdit

Aaron Grey: Survived after destroying the Cardinal.