Amanda Blunte
AmandablunteAmanda holding her breath before her first competition.
Deep-End Diver Division
Dangerous Waters Tribute
True Neutral
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District 1
Age 18
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'8
Weight 142 lbs.
Build Tall and Curvy
Bikini Color Black
Swim Mask Color Yellow
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By Zoie van Dyne
Cause of Death Drowning during Challenge 1.
Amanda Blunte was a tribute for Dangerous Waters. She was from District 1. Her sister is Brittney Blunte.

Pre-Challenge 1Edit

Before the first challenge, Amanda challenged her sister Brittney to a breatholding contest for training. Naturally, Amanda lost, but being close to beating her sister, it gave her confidence to win her first challenge.

Challenge 1Edit

Amanda was paired against Zoie van Dyne in the First Challenge. Someone had sponsored her a yellow swim mask, allowing Amanda to see clearly underwater. This gave her an advantage over Zoie, who had no mask and only swim fins. Amanda wrestled around with Zoie, each exchanging breath taking blows to each other. The tide turned when Zoie stole Amanda's swim mask and put it on herself. Blinded by the sudden water in her eyes, Amanda desperately tried to grab Zoie. Zoie clawed her face, causing Amanda to scream out the last of her air. In a last ditch attempt, Amanda grabbed onto Zoie's ankle. Zoie kicked her in the face, as Amanda blacked out, and soon drowned. Overall, she placed 38th out of 38.