412th Hunger Games
The River of the Games
Victor's Home
Temperate Forest, Cliffs, River
Preceded By
411th Hunger Games
Followed By
413th Hunger Games

The 412th Hunger Games were the 412th Hunger Games too take place. They took place sometime in 412 ADD. Lily Nersi from District 2 won them. 


As usual, 24 tributes were reaped to participate into these games. The famous ones included Yuri Harris, who later became a demon that haunted two other games.

District Male Tribute Female Tribute
1 Unknown Male Tribute Unknown Female Tribute
2 Blair Battitties Lily Nersi
3 Yuri Harris Unknown Female Tribute
4 Unknown Male Tribute Unknown Female Tribute
5 Carl Hoges Zoey Harris
6 Unknown Male Tribute Unknown Female Tribute
7 Unknown Male Tribute Unknown Female Tribute
8 Unknown Male Tribute Unknown Female Tribute
9 Unknown Male Tribute Unknown Female Tribute
10 Unknown Male Tribute Unknown Female Tribute
11 Unknown Male Tribute Unknown Female Tribute
12 Unknown Male Tribute Unknown Female Tribute


1st - Lily Nersi

2nd - Blair Battitties - Day 11 (Stabbed himself through stomach so Lily could win.)

3rd -  Yuri Harris - Day 11 (Stabbed through back with sword by Blair Battitties)

4th -  Zoey Harris - Day 7 (Drowned in river by Yuri Harris)

5th-8th: (Killed during Career Mutiny):

  • 1 Female
  • 1 Male
  • 4 Male
  • 4 Female

9th -  District 12 Female - Day 5 (Drowned in pond by Yuri Harris)

10th -  Carl Hoges - Day 5 (Throat slashed with sickle by Yuri Harris)

11th -  District 8 Female - Day 3 (Drowned in freshwater spring by Yuri Harris)

24th-12th: (Killed during Bloodbath):

  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute
  • Unknown Tribute

The VictorEdit

Lily Nersi won with 1 kill, the District 7 Male.


The arena was a temperate forest surrounding the cornucopia and 90% of the arena. The other 10% were jagged cliffs, one of which had a shack on it which was the location of Zoey's alliance for most of the games. There was a river that flowed through the arena, which was later the final resting place of Zoey. There was also other sources of water scattered around, including ponds, creeks, and freshwater springs. Food was bountiless if one knew how to hunt, with forest animals everywhere. Plants were plentiful as well, one could go years just living off the arena's land.

The GamesEdit

The 699th Hunger Games lasted for 11 days. 

Day 1Edit

The bloodbath begins, resulting in the deaths of thirteen tributes. 

  • Deaths:

13 Unknown Tributes.

Day 2Edit

Zoey and her allies discovered a shack in the cliffs that later became their base.

  • Deaths:


Day 3 Yuri drowns his first victim, the District 8 Female, in a freshwater spring.

  • Deaths:

District 8 Female.

Day 4Edit

Anti Careers began to bore, Careers tension rises.

  • Deaths:


Day 5Edit

Carl Hoges and the District 12 Female leave Zoey Harris behind, going to hunt tributes. They find Yuri but both are killed in their fight with him.

  • Deaths:

District 12 Female, Carl Hoges

Day 6Edit

Careers tensions peak, general distrust in the alliance.

  • Deaths:

District 6 Male

Day 7Edit

The Careers turn on each other, resulting in the deaths of both tributes from District 1 and 4.

  • Deaths:

District 1 Male, District 1 Female, District 4 Male, District 4 Female.

Final Four GalleryEdit

Day 8Edit

Zoey Harris tracks down Yuri Harris, and the two fight. Even though she fought hard, Zoey is overpowered and drowned in the river.

  • Deaths:

Zoey Harris.

Day 9Edit

Blair Battitties begins to fall for Lily Nersi.

  • Deaths:


Day 10Edit

Lily soon finds herself falling for Blair. The two snuggle that night.

  • Deaths:


Day 11Edit

Blair Battitties wakes up to see Lily gone. He quickly searches for her, watching Yuri Harris drowning Lily. Blair rushes in, killing Yuri, before admitting his love to Lily. The two kiss, before Blair impales himself with his own weapon, killing himself so Lily can win.

  • Deaths:

Yuri Harris, Blair Battitties


Tributes were dressed in tear resistant garb suitable for the temperate weather. They wore a shirt with a coat color to match the district over it. They wore rough pants and hiking boots. Female tributes had there hair tied up different ways depending on how long it was. 

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