1017 West Capitol Broncos Broncos season
Head Coach Unknown
Home Field Cloudreach Coliseum
Record 10–6
Place 4th PFL West
Playoff Finish Lost Divisional Playoffs
Previous Season Next Season
1016 1018

The 1017 West Capitol Broncos season was the franchise's 2nd season in the Panem Football League.

Following a stagnant losing season and missing the playoffs by a mile, the Broncos entered the 1017 season thought to be the laughing stock they had been. However, the team underwent many offseason changes that turned the team's weak defense into a dominant powerhouse. Notable offseason additions include the drafting of the dangerous cheap shotting cornerback Aqib Talib who played extremely dirty. 

The Broncos clinched their first playoff bout, earning the fourth seed and homefield advantage for the first round of the playoffs. The Broncos season ended when they were defeated by the District 9 Chiefs, 6–33 in the Divisional round. The crushing blowout would be forever remembered in the minds of the Broncos.


Regular seasonEdit

Week Opponent Result Record Game site
1 District 3 Lions L 24–16 0–1 Cloudreach Coliseum
2 at District 10 Texans W 33–23 1–1 Rodeo Arena
3 District 14 Chargers W 37–21 2–1 Cloudreach
4 District 0 Seahawks W 52–7 3–1 Cloudreach
5 at District 2 Patriots L 56–49 3–2 Quarry Stadium
6 District 9 Chiefs W 35–32(OT) 4–2 Cloudreach
7 at East Capitol Eagles L 14–35 4–3 Palace Gate Arena
8 District 7 Wolves W 45–21 5–3 Cloudreach
9 Bye week
10 at District 15 Bears W 28–20 6–3 Pineside Stadium
11 District 5 Colts L 36–13 6–4 Cloudreach
12 at District 4 Dolphins W 9–6 (OT) 7–4 Floodgate Forum
13 at District 1 Rams W 35–14 8–4 Dome of the Rams
14 District 6 Jets L 14–3 8–5 Cloudreach
15 District 8 Sailors L 20–27 8–6 Cloudreach
16 at District 12 49'ers W 37–16 9–6 Burrow's Grove Dome
17 at District 13 Buccanneers W 34–18 10–6 Paylor Memorial Stadium
Note: Intra-division opponents are in bold text.


Playoff round Opponent Result Record Game site
Divisional District 9 (1) L 6–33 0–1 Cloudreach Coliseum

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